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New Law on Restrictive Interventions in Mental Health Settings

A new Mental Health Units (Use of Force) Act law has been introduced today to prevent the use of force in mental health settings. 

Today’s legislation and guidance is an important step forward to ending the disproportionate and inappropriate use of force – protecting both patients and our fantastic workforce – within our mental health services.

Gillian Keegan, Minister for Mental Health

The new law, knows as Seni's Law:

  • Ensures better accountability and transparency in mental health units over the use of force 
  • Sets out clear advice to ensure organisations comply with the new legislation
  • Includes best practice guidance 
  • Is named after Olaseni Lewis who lost his life in 2010 as a result of being forcibly restrained

The important legislation ensures mental health patients are better protected from inappropriate use of force, by providing the necessary drive for improved record-keeping, reporting, investigations and improved quality of staff training. Trusts will now have a clearer understanding on how to comply with the duties under the act.

See the full guidance on gov.uk/mental-health-units-use-of-force-act-2018  

Learn more at our Reducing and improving the use of Restrictive Interventions & Practice: Managing Acute Disturbance, Violence and Aggression virtual conference which is taking place on Wednesday 2nd March 2022.

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