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Liberty Protection Safeguards coming into force

In a letter to parliament on 10th June 2019 Caroline Dinenage MP, confirmed the Liberty Protection Safeguards will come into force in October 2020.

"The Liberty Protection Safeguards will replace the current Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards system, which is broken and bureaucratic, and currently leaving thousands without protection.

Our intention is for the new Liberty Protection Safeguards system to come into force on 1st October 2020, subject to our ongoing implementation planning with delivery partners and the Welsh Government and the progress of our work on developing the Code of Practice and statutory instruments for this reform.

The Government is currently working closely with stakeholders across the sector in England and Wales on developing draft chapters for the Code of Practice. The Code of Practice will be a vital document for practitioners, the people who rely on these protections and their families. My absolute priority is to ensure the Code of Practice delivers on providing detailed and easy to understand guidance which will ensure the successful implementation of the new system. Our focus must be on getting this right."

Read the full letter here

Source: Department of Health & Social Care 10th June 2019